Donatella Versace Hints That She Might Be Leaving The Business

Donatella Versace took over the fashion empire in 1997 after the assignation of her brother,Gianni.

The company has had its ups and downs during her time,admitting there were many "tear-filled" nights.

The years following her brother's death are described as "hell," feeling like she had to "mask" her feelings.

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In a new interview withThe Telegraph,Versace says that she may not always be a leading role in the fashion house,she will still be around in one form or another.

"For years I wasn't that bothered about [the business] growing,but now I want to build something that will outlast me,like a Dior.I probably shouldn't say this,but I may not always be working at Versace,although I'll always do something.But while I'm here,I'm completely committed," she said.

Versace,63,gave some her lifestyle tips that included "never think your age."

She added,"And you certainly mustn't dress your age."

Will she give up the mini skirts at some point?"Are you crazy?Of course,I still wear them.Just not with bare legs," she stated.Versace also agrees with Lee Radziwill's advice of finding a signature hairstyle,"I found mine when I was 11.Or rather Gianni did.He paid a hairdresser to put highlights in.My mother nearly killed him."

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The designer is taking a more environmentally friendly approach to her lines.All Versace lines have gone fur-free,but leather will always be a staple.

"I must have been born wearing tight leather," Versace joked.She calls environmental challenges the "biggest issue."

"When I see someone with a plastic straw or a single-use water bottle in the office I want to go over and take it off them," the designer said.



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