LeBron James Salutes Colin Kaepernick For Sacrificing His Career Over ‘Something That Was Bigger Than Him'

NBA great LeBron James is throwing his support behind Colin Kaepernick,insisting the embattled quarterback "gave up everything" with his decision to drop to one knee during the U.S.national anthem as a protest during NFL games.

On the latest edition of HBO Sports series "The Shop",the LA Lakers power forward discussed Kaepernick's recent settlement with the NFL over the player's accusations that teams in the league colluded to blacklist him due to his take-a-knee protests,with Kaepernick reportedly awarded an amount estimated at being somewhere between $60 million and $80 million.

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Speaking about Kaepernick,James described how the quarterback had his football career "taken away from him," and praised his steadfastness.

"Kap's still for something that was bigger than him," said James."He sacrificed.How many people can wake up and say,you know what?I'll give everything that I've worked for my whole life for the better of the conversation.Oh,I'm gonna lose everything I got personally for the better of the conversation.That's why we can sit here and salute Kap."

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Regarding the amount of the settlement,James added: "And I hope that whatever the amount of money he got sets him up for him,his kids,his grandkids,and his grandkids' kids' kids.I hope it's that much money,I really do.Because the beautiful sport was taken away from him.So,I hope that whatever the settlement was,it sets generations up forever."

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